How come I constantly keep losing motivation to do what I want to do? Everytime, I regather my motivation, set my goals, then drop them. The sense of accomplishment is always a short-lasting one. It makes me wonder. What is it that I am lacking? I used to be so tenacious, always trying my best and being successful at it. I used to come up on top no matter what I did.

However, something changed. Slowly but surely, that motivation began slipping away and now I am sitting here venting about my uselessness. I have tried for years to regain what I once had but keep finding myself lost in this endless circle. A circle that keeps leading me back to the starting line. On and on and on it goes. It is frustrating and aggravating and I do not know what to do to fix it.

Through my eyes, I see everyone around me trying their utmost and struggling with their own difficulties. In curious fleeting thoughts, I wonder if they could have gone through the same struggles I have. Maybe they are going through it right now. Who am I to know? I have, however, heard other people complain before. But to me, it seems that they still end up going forward. Am I the only one going in circles?

Will I always be going in circles?

This is and, I believe, will always be, one of my greatest struggles.

© 2020 CC BY

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