Rainy days

On rainy days, life can sometimes feel a little mellow. As the grey clouds roll in and light drops of water turn into heavy ones, you watch as the world outside slows down. Silhouettes of humans can be seen unfolding their umbrellas, finding a temporary roof over their heads and hurrying into their apartments. Amongst the vegetation, small animals scurry to take cover on the ground, in bushes and underneath tree crowns. As the minutes tick by, time slows down even more. The rustle of leaves in the trees and bushes, the song of birds and human chatter all simmer down. Your breathing comes to a halt. All that can be heard is the pitter patter of raindrops on your window.

The world is standing still.

Source: Kayte Ferris, simpleandseason.com

In this moment, a short sense of loss settles. A little breeze of air has sneaked in through the window and you feel a little cold as you sit by yourself in your apartment. Your shoulders slump in disappointment while watching the dark world outside. But after a few seconds, or perhaps minutes, the loneliness begins to steadily crumble. Soon it disintegrates and is carried away, out of your mind. Out of your body. Relief washes over you. There you find,


Time has began to flow again. In their nests, animals burrow together, puffing up their fur and feathers. Warm lights can be seen shining out of homes. Inside, families sit together for a light snack as they warm the fireplace, couples take comfort in each others warmth as they watch a movie and someone rolls themselves into their soft bed. Your heart beats happily as you cuddle up in your blankets. You take a sip from the cup of tea hugged by your hands, feeling the warmth travel down your throat, into your stomach. You think to yourself:

If only more days could be like this one.

© 2020 CC BY

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