In one room

Some days are just so quiet. They are days when I stay cooped up in my room doing nothing but studying or watching video clips or series on Youtube and Netflix. It can be very relaxing. I mean, I love watching series and I get more time to actually get some studying done or experiment with my cooking all I want. I can lounge all I want in my bed and, most of the time, not even have to get out of it unless I want to. I can laze around however and whenever I want without worrying about other people or schedules I have to keep.

However, recently, days such as these have been occuring more frequently. The weather outside doesn’t allow for casual walks unless you have clothes that are warm enough and, due to the coronavirus, meetings with friends are always cancelled. Having online meetings works sometimes as you get to see each others faces but, you are still lying there, in your bed, getting more and more tired of not moving an inch.

In the last week I have not stepped out of my apartment even once, except for the two times I went to the grocery store. Before the past week, the weather had been warmer and I had made it a habit of taking a long walk every day. But then, it got colder and taking walks outside did not really feel like the best decision anymore. However, I already had all this built up energy that needed an outlet. So, to compensate for the missed outings, I began doing some pilates in my room everyday. Still, even this did not feel enough since the rest of the day would go by just sitting or lying down in my bed.

I, therefore, started becoming restless. I guess this is what happens when you are forced to stay inside several days in a row and when you are not allowed to interact with people the way you want to. You also feel a little lonely and in order to lessen this feeling I always end up calling a close friend or family at least once every day. I guess that is also good, in a way, since it increases your contact with people that you maybe do not have a chance to talk to very often even though they are very close friends.

I have taken a look at the weather forecast and this coming week it is going to start to become warmer again. I am looking forward to finally, properly, step outside, enjoy the birdsong and feel a breeze of fresh air sweep by, gently caressing my face.

© 2020 CC BY

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