In one room

Some days are just so quiet. They are days when I stay cooped up in my room doing nothing but studying or watching video clips or series on Youtube and Netflix. It can be very relaxing. I mean, I love watching series and I get more time to actually get some studying done or experiment … Continue reading In one room

Rainy days

On rainy days, life can sometimes feel a little mellow. As the grey clouds roll in and light drops of water turn into heavy ones, you watch as the world outside slows down. Silhouettes of humans can be seen unfolding their umbrellas, finding a temporary roof over their heads and hurrying into their apartments. Amongst … Continue reading Rainy days


How come I constantly keep losing motivation to do what I want to do? Everytime, I regather my motivation, set my goals, then drop them. The sense of accomplishment is always a short-lasting one. It makes me wonder. What is it that I am lacking? I used to be so tenacious, always trying my best … Continue reading Procrastination

About me

Hi, there and welcome to my diary! I am InsignificantGirl. A girl of 23 years with a knack for randomness. Most of the time I like to confine myself to the rollercoaster called my mind, filled with daydreaming and other bizarre lines of thought. Thereafter, I suddenly found myself on this site, blurting out the … Continue reading About me

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